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September 1, 2015


For many, embarking on a polar expedition is the trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a top bucket list trip, or your polar passion drives you to explore new Arctic and Antarctic regions every chance you get, a lot of planning and preparation will go into your epic adventure. 

Our Polar Travel Advisers have each been to the Polar Regions and make it their business to stay on top of the latest information, experiences and resources available to share the best advice. They’re available any time to talk with you about your polar cruise goals and dreams, and which is best for you.   

And to interact with other travelers – people who have been on the same expedition recently, or visited one of your goal destinations in the past – we’ve created the Quark Expeditions Community hub

Quark community - Antarctic stream

Great planning trips for a polar holiday

Now, you can find great planning trips, amazing images, helpful information and interesting conversations from across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the Blog and YouTube, all on one easy to use page. 

Quark has a vibrant online community passengers, team members, and Polar Region experts, some of whom you might even meet during your trip. The hub is a fantastic place to connect with this community; to view photos, watch videos, ask questions and hear stories about amazing adventures. 

Quark community - arctic stream

A menu at the top of the Quark Expeditions Community hub allows you to sort content in a number of different ways:

  •      by social network
  •      by Arctic or Antarctic region
  •      by content type: social, blog, video or brochure

The most recent content from each social media channel displays in an interactive “card,” allowing you to search for a particular topic of interest, respond to a tweet, view a full Facebook post, watch a video or read a blog post. Always-new content from across our social channels, blog and YouTube is available through this one convenient page.

Check it out, and check back often 

Stop by the Quark Expeditions Community hub today and be sure to bookmark the page to visit back often!

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