4 Minutes in Antarctica with Worldly Nomads

March 1, 2013


Barry and Laura from the Worldly Nomads travelled with us to Antarctica in December 2012, and created this inspiring highlights video of their time on the continent!


'4 Minutes in Antarctica' demonstrates the incredible white continent in all its glory, from gigantic icebergs and incredible landscapes, to cute penguins, whales, seals and birds! It sets the scene for what a trip to Antarctica can look like with Quark Expeditions!

About Worldy Nomads:

As you may have guessed, Barry and Laura are travel addicts, and enjoy nothing more than sharing their travel experiences in the hope of inspiring others to do the same!

Whether it be blind massages in Asia, debating what makes the perfect backpacking packing list, sleeping in prisons or camping on Antarctica (without a tent!), they love to share their adventures! If you’re thinking of travelling to Antarctica with us, then be sure to check out their highlights of Antarctica section!

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