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EMPERORS ARE Adult male size comparison Emperors raise 1 chick per year. Emperor penguin chicks huddle in crèches while parents fish. The adults can dive to 564m (1850 ft) and stay underwater for up to 22 minutes. Emperors huddle to conserve heat. Emperors are winter breeders. 595 22 mins. 19 % THOUSAND is the total estimated population of adult Emperor penguins is the estimated survival rate of Emperor chicks in their first year Emperor's do not build nests; the male incubates the egg on his feet and his brood pouch keeps the egg warm. Emperors produce one of the smallest eggs relative to body size of any bird. 1lb EMPEROR 115cm (45in) 70–100cm (28–39in) 51–90cm (20–35in) 70cm (28in) 72cm (28in) 70cm (28in) 30kg (66lb) 9.3–18kg (21–40lb) 4.9–8.5kg (11–19lb) 5.5kg (12lb) 3–5kg (6.6–11lb) 6kg (2.2lb) KING GENTOO MACARONI CHINSTRAP ADELIE BREEDING PAIRS Captivating Giants of the Penguin Species How Emperor Penguins Are Unique presents Anatomical adaptations allow Emperor penguins to survive the harshest, most punishing Antarctic conditions. Within this circumpolar high-latitude distribution, they almost always breed on stable, fast ice near the coast. Emperor penguins are incredibly vulnerable to climate change. EMPEROR PENGUINS EMPEROR PENGUINS the weight of King penguins, the next largest of the species The Journey of Emperor Penguins Every winter (which begins in March in Antarctica), emperor penguins traverse up 80 km (50 mi.) across the ice to reach stable breeding grounds. Circumpolar, they breed right up against the continent. There are approximately 4,000 breeding pairs of Emperor penguins near Snow Hill on the frozen Weddell Sea ice. Largest of the penguins SNOW HILL OR VISIT US AT DOWNLOAD IT HERE! Snow Hill Brochure DOWNLOAD IT HERE! *Sources: Fabrice Genevois, Orinthologist | |

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