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12 | QUARK EXPEDITIONS For thousands of years, the Inuit relied on the land—and the wildlife it provided—for their survival. The strength of the native Arctic peoples' relationship with the land is evidenced by the very name of the vast, remote Canadian province in which Baffin Island lies: Nunavut, which is the Inuktitut word for "our land." Hiking the shores of placid glacial lakes, narrow inlets and streams set against a dramatic backdrop of some of the highest snow-capped peaks in eastern North America, you'll have ample opportunity to capture stunning landscape shots. Summer on Baffin Island brings a colorful and curiously vital blanket of yellow arctic poppies and purple saxifrage to the tundra. There are several opportunities for hiking various shore landings throughout your expedition, and you'll be offered a variety of options with varying degrees of physical exertion. Quark Expeditions® provides "muck boots," a waterproof all-terrain hiking boot, for all passengers. Hikes vary in difficulty and skill level, ranging from easy guided walks to challenging treks up and across the rugged and often mountainous terrain. Hiking the shoreline of Baffin Island HIKING

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