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Quark Expeditions Vaccination Policy (January 17th, 2023)

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TESTING: Will Quark require that I get tested for COVID-19 prior to my departure? No. Quark no longer requires a pre-departure COVID-19 test. We do, however, recommend that our guests do a self-test within three days of joining an expedition to help ensure that COVID-19 does not negatively impact your voyage. What documents will Quark Expeditions require me to present on Day 1 prior to embarkation? You must present a copy of your COVID-19 proof of vaccination record from your government's health authority. Quark no longer requires any testing documentation. All guests will also be required to complete a Health Questionnaire upon arrival. Guests will be denied boarding if within the last 10 days they have tested positive on a viral test (antigen or PCR). Will Quark test me for COVID-19 upon embarkation? Quark is no longer testing all passengers for COVID-19 at embarkation. A passenger may be asked to COVID test in the gateway if they declare on their health declaration that they have within the last 10 days been a close contact of a person who has confirmed COVID-19, or that they have symptoms compatible with COVID-19. Will Quark Expeditions require me to undergo a test for COVID-19 at any time during the voyage? Quark Expeditions will not conduct routine COVID-19 testing unless required by the relevant authorities, however passengers who report symptoms of COVID-19 to the medical team during a voyage will be tested. What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 during the voyage? Should you test positive for COVID-19, you will be required to isolate subject to local regulations. If I am required to isolate: a) Will I be compensated for days that I may end up spending in isolation? Yes – you will receive a pro-rated future travel refund credit (FTRC) for the number of days you spend in isolation. Please see standard terms and conditions for FTRCs rules and restrictions: Terms and Conditions. b) Will my return travel plans be affected? Antarctic 2022-2023 Departures: If you are less than 5 days from date of diagnosis, the current rules in Ushuaia would require you to complete your isolation onshore in a hotel in Ushuaia before proceeding with your travels. If your voyage involves a charter flight, you would not be able to board the flight until your period of isolation is complete. While the Quark Expeditions team will assist you, the cost of your hotel, meals and return flight would be your responsibility. Quark will update you on any voyage- specific protocols in your final documents package. We highly advise that you purchase travel insurance with COVID protection.

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