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Quark Expeditions Vaccination Policy (January 17th, 2023)

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS VACCINATION: Will unvaccinated passengers be allowed on Quark expeditions? No - all passengers must be vaccinated before joining their expedition. What are Quark Expeditions' vaccination requirements? We require current COVID-19 vaccination to board. This means that on Day 1 of your program, you must present a copy of the COVID-19 proof of vaccination record from your government's health authority showing a primary vaccination series with a WHO approved vaccine completed more than 14 days before boarding. We recommend that guests receive any additional boosters available to them. What vaccines will Quark Expeditions accept? Your COVID-19 vaccination record document must show that you have been vaccinated with a vaccine that is authorized and approved by Centers of Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO). Will you accept mixed vaccines? Mixed vaccines will be accepted if they are from the approved list and your vaccine document shows you have received all required doses. How will this policy affect your staff and crew? Quark Expeditions requires all staff and crew to be vaccinated to the same standard as our guests. How long will the vaccination policy be in effect? The vaccination policy is currently in effect for all voyages in all available seasons. As COVID-19 is a constantly evolving situation, our medical advisors will evaluate our policy on an ongoing basis and determine if and when it needs to be amended.

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