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North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

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1 A mythic destination for travelers everywhere, the North Pole is special not only because of the unique geographical point it occupies, but also because it remains a domain that, for most, exists only in the imagination—fewer people have stood at the North Pole than have attempted to climb Mount Everest. Difficult to reach and singular in its impact, the North Pole transforms the perspectives of everyone fortunate enough to reach it. In 2021, we marked 30 years of taking passengers to this northernmost point on the globe, and on this amazing voyage, we enable you to join the privileged few who have set foot on the North Pole. Experience the thrill of the most powerful nuclear icebreaker on the planet, 50 Years of Victory, crushing through thick, multi-year pack ice as it pushes toward 90° north. Enjoy a riveting helicopter tour over the icy Arctic Ocean; discover the remarkable sights of Franz Josef Land; observe the majestic creatures who make their home in this breathtaking yet fragile land; and experience a dreamlike hot air balloon ride over the surreal Arctic landscape, an activity offered by no other polar operator. Join us on this exhilarating journey, venture to a part of the globe few have ever seen, and come to understand why the North Pole has for centuries stirred the minds and hearts of explorers and adventurers alike. Overview EXPEDITION IN BRIEF Stand at the top of the world at 90°N Experience the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world, 50 Years of Victory Enjoy helicopter sightseeing above the frozen Arctic Ocean Possibly view polar bears, walrus and other Arctic wildlife Take advantage of optional tethered flight by hot air balloon (weather permitting) Cruise in a Zodiac Visit Franz Josef Land historical sites, wildlife and wildflowers Call your Travel Professional or a Quark Polar Travel Adviser at 1.888.892.0073 | Visit for additional details

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