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10 Experience will not be compromised There's no sacrificing of onboard amenities or immersive excursions. Compared to other cruise offerings in the industry, a Quark Expeditions voyage is one in which guests will still be able to experience everything they expect of a memorable polar voyage, such as: Beautiful polar landscapes. Scenery that will transform you with its sheer beauty. Photos that will make memories last a lifetime. Interactions with our expedition guides who have the knowledge and expertise to bring the regions to life. Zodiac cruises which enable you to experience the glaciers, ords and icebergs up close. Landing excursions which get you onto the polar landscape to experience the sensation of setting foot where so few humans have ever walked. Meeting and sharing experiences with fellow explorers. The thrill of sighting polar bears, whales, and penguins. Fabulous meals to satisfy your appetite. S . A . F. E | Quark Expeditions

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