Fresh From the Sea: A Spitsbergen Circumnavigation Voyage Update

July 15, 2014 Special Guest Author

Fresh From The Sea! Expedition Leader Woody, currently leading Spitsbergen Circumnavigation, shares an exciting voyage update from the Sea Spirit:

"What a morning! Arrived early near Torellneset and spotted a polar bear and two cubs. As the breakfast was almost set on the table we ventured out in perfect blue sky conditions.

The mother and cubs strolled to the waters edge, where they slept and occasionally wandered about. Later in the morning, as we landed at Torellneset, the other and two cubs came to the beach. 


Polar bears gaze inquisitively at an Arctic expedition passenger's lens. 

We completed a tactical withdrawal with zero interaction. We cruised by walruses and the mighty beasts were relaxed. Some swam in and others just wallowed on each other...

Now we're off, sailing North..."

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