Top 5 Expeditions for Adventure Travel Lovers

June 16, 2016


What’s your next travel destination? There are so many choices for adventurous travelers like yourself, it can be difficult to narrow down all your options.

With adventure travel becoming more accessible, you no longer have to take weeks off of work to enjoy extraordinary experiences – it’s more convenient than ever to book your trip and start exploring amazing remote destinations.

If you’re ready to experience the thrill of your life, here are our top five expeditions you’ll never forget.

 East Greeland Northern Lights

1. Arctic Express: Greenlands Northern Lights

Imagine yourself enjoying amazing outdoor adventures every day, whether it’s taking a short walk or challenging yourself with a hike through the breathtaking Greenland tundra. Or you could kayak in the waters of the Arctic Circle, discovering remarkable coastlines.

 But that’s not all. You could also take advantage of Zodiac cruises to explore massive, spectacular icebergs and some of the most isolated communities in the world.

 These incredibly unique experiences are now even more accessible with either our Arctic Express: Greenlands Northern Lights (Cruise North, Fly South) expedition or our Arctic Express: Greenlands Northern Lights (Fly North, Cruise South) expedition. Our fly/cruise options will ensure you have the most time possible for shore excursions while helping you create memorable moments that will last a lifetime.


All-terrain Vehicles at Arctic Watch

2. Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

The most exciting week of the year is almost here: Adventure Week!

 Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, located 500 miles (805 km) north of the Arctic Circle, features several special activities for adventurers and explorers. Get ready for the following:

  • Fat biking on sea ice
  • Sea kayaking on the Northwest Passage
  • Stand-up paddleboarding through Google Canyon
  • Taking an all-terrain vehicle “ride and hike” through Mars Mountain
  • Trail running atop the bluffs and tundra of the Northwest Passage

 And there’s so much more to experience. You’ll also enjoy awesome activities that are available all season long – including rafting on the Cunningham River, kayaking amongst icebergs and fishing for arctic char.

 You can get more information here.

 Stand Up Paddle Boarding

3. Ocean Endeavour

Whether your travel destination is an unforgettable epic journey through the wilderness of Antarctica, the Falkland Islands or South Georgia, the Ocean Endeavour will steer you toward numerous inspiring adventures, offering more Adventure Options than our other ships.

 Fresh off a million-dollar makeover, the vessel features a unique focus on health and wellness. Along with enjoying the same great activities that our other expeditions offer, you’ll find healthy meals, yoga and stretching classes, massage therapy, a sauna and a gym.

 The Ocean Endeavour has you covered on exhilarating adventures as well. Get ready to go cross-country skiing, kayaking, mountaineering, stand-up paddleboarding and camping. And for certain expeditions, you can even capture some of your unforgettable moments on camera!

 Whale Watching aboard the Hans Hansson

4. Hans Hansson

If you’re all about maximizing your exploration time and having the richest experience possible, you’ll love the Hans Hansson, a small, intimate ship that carries just 12 passengers, allowing you to bond with your crew and fellow passengers during your adventures.

 Thanks to the vessel’s small size, you will have the most adventure and on-land exploration time at landing sites in the Falklands and Antarctica, plus daily activities are flexible and customized to your interests. Your Hans Hansson trip will bring you to places larger vessels can’t reach, since the ship goes everywhere a Zodiac can.

Learn more about life aboard the Hans Hansson here.

 Wildlife Encounters in the Galapagos Islands

5. Galápagos Islands

Exploring Darwin’s playground should be on any serious adventure travel lover’s list. Our Galápagos expeditions will take you to diverse landing sites and offer unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

 Hiking in the Galápagos Islands is a must. But what other adventures can you pursue?

 The incredible Galápagos Expedition: Darwins Playground, Far West itinerary includes swimming and snorkeling with sea turtles, penguins and sea lions. You can also hike along whaling camps and even to the top of a dormant volcano.

 Our amazing Galápagos Expedition: Darwins Playground, Central and North itinerary includes exploring extinct volcanoes, hiking to scenic lagoons, and swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in stunning locations. Plus, you’ll observe diverse bird populations, such as flamingos, hawks, mockingbirds, finches and much more.

 Are you ready to start planning your next polar adventure? Explore all the exciting options in your Adventure Option Guide


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