OSC Cross: The Latest In Polar Fashion

August 13, 2013

While it's important to keep warm while travelling to the polar regions, it's also just as important to look cool! Which is why Quark Expeditions are loving these supremely functional (and supremely stylish) layering vests from OSC Cross. The Canadian brand is born out of the concept of having tailored fits, coupled with expert workmanship that result in three keystones: an appreciation for good design, decades of expertise in the industry, and of course, a commitment to their valued patrons.

Why will you find these vests from OSC Cross aboard our ship? Lightweight and 100 percent down filled, these quilted vests not only keep your silhouette in fine form but also help keep your packing to a minimum. Whether you're heading out to hike, kayak, or just relaxing in the ship's lounge, the versatility is endless with these sports infused, fashion forward vests.


OSC Cross Halifax Women Halifax Vest (Women)


OSC Cross London Men London Vest (Men)
  • 100% down filled
  • Lightweight, quilted vest with a slim fit
  • An ideal weight for layering or packing
  • Zippered front closure
  • Side zippered pockets
  • Elasticized hem on both sides
  • Made in Canada



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