Andrew White

A previous Expedition Leader, he’s found a way to reverse engineer his career by turning his passion for the polar regions into a living. After guiding his first white-water paddling trip in the Arctic a few decades ago, he was instantly captivated by the raw, wild remoteness and rugged beauty only the opposite ends of the Earth can truly offer. For him, it wasn’t solely about the destinations themselves, but the experience of expedition travel—of being a true explorer—and embarking on an adventure where the outcome is unknown, creating epiphanies and eternal memories. Born in South Africa and having grown up in Belgium, England and Canada, travel and exploration has always been at White’s core. The drive to alter perspectives by getting out of one’s comfort zone to achieve what he calls ‘maximum aliveness’ is a philosophy he brings to every space, be it a corporate or natural one. Since 2014, White has led the Quark Expeditions Team in delivering transformative experiences in the polar regions. More often than not, he says Quark passengers return home feeling different—the expedition experience comprised of an extraordinary destination and a team that goes the extra mile leaves them with a renewed perspective.