Kayaking Adventures in Antarctica

December 4, 2015

An update from the Expedition Team on Ocean Endeavour - November 25-Dec 5, 2015 voyage:

Kayakers were treated to a little bit of bliss this voyage. They enjoyed four fabulous paddles combing bashing through brash, gorgeous sunshine, a workout against a headwind and consistent great camraderie.

Photo credit Val Lubrick



Seals and penguins both provided ample entertainment as the paddling team weaved their way between icebergs in a glassy garden. Safety driver Scotty was pleased that everyone stayed upright but was available on call to snap photos and support the team.


Kayak guides Kevin and Val were grateful for the adventurous spirit and fun energy with which the kayak crew enjoyed every moment on the water, and sucked the marrow of life out of every minute in Antarctica! Thanks team!

Cheli Larsen
EL MV Ocean Endeavour - Antarctic Explorer voyage, Nov 25-Dec 5, 2015

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