Arctic Quest : Greenland to Churchill

October 24, 2013

Our most diverse Arctic expedition aboard our new ship, the Sea Explorer. In addition to wildlife excursions by Zodiac and tundra hikes, you’ll spend time visiting fishing villages and Inuit settlements, taking time to learn about their heritage and culture. A wonderful expedition to a part of the world where polar bears, whales, seals and humans have all learned to co-exist for thousands of years.


Expedition Summary

Day 1 Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 2 Embarkation Day in Kangerlussuaq

Day 3-4 West Greenland

Day 5 At Sea

Day 6 Monumental Island

Day 7 Akpatok Island

Day 8 Kimmirut

Day 9 Cape Dorset

Day 10-14 Islands of Hudson Bay

Day 15 Disembarkation Day in Churchill

If you're ready to embark on this wonderful quest with Quark, visit Arctic Quest: Greenland to Churchill for more information.

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